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We(the developers) finally came to an commitment, that we will try to manage an hour for knowledge share among the developers and designers. So as a beginning we are hoping to arrange a weekly workshop. The workshop will be held on every Monday. we will discuss what we know and what we have learn recently.

So as a start-up we are arranging a Workshop which will held on next Monday at 12:00PM.

Here is the details:

Title: Workshop on Subversion management in Development

Time: 12:00PM

Author: M.M.H.Masud

  • Description:
  • What is SVN?
  • Why SVN? *
  • How SVN works?
  • How to setup SVN Server and Client?
  • SVN tools and technique
  • Advance topics of SVN

Hope you will enjoy the workshop with your presence.


Mahabubul Hasan Masud

Sr. Software Engineer